Lakkidi is known as the gateway of Wayanad. The way uphill to this highest location in Wayanad, is via many splendidly constructed hairpin bends. The unique location provides the beautiful place with cool climate all throughout the year. Different locations at Lakkidi offer travelers magnificent views, many at time a telescopic view of the towns in the valley below. The villa of Kunjan Nambiar, a celebrated poet and inventor of the famous art form Ottanthullal is a major attraction of the place. With so much landscape that remains ultimately untouched, it is no wonder that birdwatchers are drawn to this area. It is common to see such bird species as peacocks, cormorants, egrets, bulbuls, snipes, peafowl, and babblers. The natural landscape is also a draw for exotic animal lovers. The area is home to such wild animals as tigers, Asian elephants, sambars, leopards, cheetahs, sloth bears, and spotted deer. Trekking in the area is another favorite tourist activity. This undisturbed part of the country begs to be explored, and what better way to do so than by hiking and camping, all at the same time. Trekkers find themselves hiking through some of the most breathtaking lands in the world. Waterways, mountain peaks, forests, and even waterfalls are all readily explored when on a trek. Temples can be explored along the way as well.This area gets an impressive amount of rain every year. In fact, Lakkidi has the second highest amount of annual rainfall in the world.

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