wayanad wildlife sanctuary

Thirunelli is a serene location amidst the Brahmagiri hills. With its lush vegetation and gurgling clear streams, the place presents a breathtaking picture before travelers' eyes. The climb up the dilapidated steps leading to the ancient, but powerful Vishnu temple makes a good walk. The Papanasini spring, situated a little distance from the temple is extremely famous and is believed to have sacred powers. The water from the spring is considered holy, and thus Thirunelli has earned the name 'Thekkan Kaasi', ie Kaasi (a famous pilgrim center in North India) of the south. Set in the idyllic backdrop of the Brahmagiri hills, Thirunelli charms you not only with its pristine, scenic beauty and the chattering streams of the Papanasini spring, but also the sereneEven the very names of the hills and streams of Thirunelli bear a divine charm - Brahmagiri, the hills of Brahma; Papanasini, the destroyer of sins and so on. Considered a destination of immense beauty and drawn by the divine power of it's deity, visitors stream to Thirunelli throughout the year except during heavy monsoons

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