About SailToKerala

Swagatham, we welcome you to Sail to Kerala, a forum which is a complete tour guide.
We are here to promote tourism in Kerala, which has burst on to the global scene as one of the most ravishing destinations in the world with its ambitious projects and unique events.
Kerala is an incredible destination in numerous ways - it is the kind of place that will touch all of your senses in a myriad of ways, and once all is said and done you probably won't be the same again. Our incredible diversity is a key attraction - With the Arabian Sea in the west; it has a long shoreline with splendid beaches. From the timeless tranquility of the Western Ghats, towering the east to the lively bustle of 44 rivers, Kerala offers a kaleidoscope of attractions with phenomenal culture, shopping heaven and tourist treasure.
Kerala is phenomenal in nature. It enjoys unique geographical features with uniform climate. Calm and cool stretches of emerald backwaters, Lush green hill stations, medley of waterfalls, placid paddy fields, rejuvenating Ayurvedic health holidays, all these makes it one of the most enticing tourist destinations of the world. Kerala really is a multi-faceted destination where you can experience it all, more.
Kerala is truly is a fascinating destination for explorers and adventurers who want to experience life in all its fullness. We're a destination that allows you to scratch below the surface and experience innumerable possibilities, and to walk away the richer for having been here. 

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