Over the epoch, Kerala has emerged as a phenomenal culinary destination par excellence. Kerala have one of the most extraordinary collections of basic ingredients of high quality. Kerala cuisine has one of the most diverse gamut, essence and appetizing inventiveness. Majority of Kerala dishes are infused with flavored spices such as black pepper, cardamom, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cumin, coriander and chilies, and only in Kerala you will find variety of spicy seafood curry. Regardless of Kerala's small size in area, it unleashes you with an incredible variety of colorful cuisines and splendid feasting choices.

Peeping through the window of the gourmet food stores spread throughout the cities of Kerala, you’ll be surprised to see a vast diversity offered in every part; for instance, Alappuzha is famous for splendid combination of Kappa (Tapioca), Fish curry and Toddy, Kottayam is renowned for a variety of Fish fries and Fish curries, Malappuram is known for Pathiri and Meat curries, Kozhikode offers you delectably delicious Kozhikodan Dum Biriyani and many other mouth watering delicacies carving out exalted reputations, throughout the state.

Coconut is an inevitable part of Kerala. As an ingredient, it is found in almost every recipe. Coconut is added either chopped or grated with various curries, it is used for garnishing, coconut milk or paste is added to thicken gravies and in majority recipes, coconut oil is used as cooking oil.

Discover and relish the sumptuous dining catalogue.


Idli with sambar or coconut paste.
Dosa with sambar or coconut paste.
Appam with vegetable, chicken or mutton stew.
Putt with banana and sugar or spicy curry.
Idiappam with vegetable egg or meat curry.
Pathiri with egg or meat curries.


Sadya, the traditional vegetarian meal served on plantation (banana) leaf. It contains par boiled rice, vegetable curries, side dishes, savories, pickles and desserts.
Vegetarian or non-vegetarian biriyani.
Desserts include various kinds of payasams. Payasam is a thick fluid dish of sweet molasses containing sugar or jaggery with rice or other ingredient, coconut milk and spices, garnished with cashew nuts and raisins.


Chapatti or roti with vegetarian or non-vegetarian curries.
Poori is a kind of chapatti fried in ghee or vegetable served with vegetarian curries.

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