chinese fishing net

It is the symbol of Cochi and has become a very popular tourist attractions in Kerala. It is located at Fort Cochin of Ernakulum district. The beaches of Cochin are beautifully lined with these Chinese net. For the last 500 years it can be in use and it is known as ‘Chinese Vala’ in locally. It is a fixed land installation and which is used for unusual form of fishing. It is the only location outside China where such fishing nets can be seen in use. Each structure is atleast 10m in height. It is operated from the shore and fixed on the bamboo and teak poles and held horizontally by huge mechanism, which is lower them into the sea. Each installation is operated by a team of upto 10 fishermen. The fishing style of Chinese net is entirely different from that of the traditional nets. The raising of Chinese net require the help of atleast 6 men. The water body covered with Chinese fish net during the sunset makes a soothing scene to tourists .

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