Kalady is a beautiful village with its simplicity and cerenity located at the east of the Periyar river in the ernakulam district of Kerala. The plaqce is very famous for Adi Sankaracharya, the starting person of the Advaita reasoning about existence who was born here in the 8th hundred after Christ. On his goes throughout India, he made payments his time debating with learners and spreading his theory of monotheism or Advaita. Kalady, otherwise a sleepy little small country town, is visited by thousands of pilgrims today who desire to have a short, unclear view of the having our deepest respect mark where the Acharya is generally said to be to have been born. The name ‘Kalady’ has a story behind its place of birth. Once young Sankara’s widowed mother become suddenly unconcious while on her way to the river Poorna. Sankara made request with burning, strong feeling to Lord Krishna who answered him saying that the river would be (give) a start from the point where Sankara’s feet (Kaladi) was upright. Even today, it can be seen that the river Poorna takes an uncommon turn in the direction of the Sringeri Mutt.

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