parassinikadavu snake park

Parassinikkadavu Snake Park is one of the chief attractions in Kannur district. It is located about 16km away from the Kannur town. It is the only one of its kind in the state and conceivable of whole of India. It houses about 150 varieties of snakes including the spectacled Cobra, King Cobra Russell’s viper, Krait and various pit vipers. It has also large collection of Non poisonous snakes including pythons. The park has been set up for protection and care of snakes. The park is constituted by the Visha chikilsa Kendra at Pappinisseri, which offers effective treatment for the snake bite. There are also other rare kind of animals like reptiles, birds like the threatened species of Simhavalan monkeys and crocodiles. It proposed a research laboratory to extract venoms from the snake. The park provide three snake pits, fifteen glass cases for snakes and two large glass houses for King Cobras. The nearby attraction is Parassinikkadavu muthappan temple .This is the only temple in Kerala where Theyyam performance is a daily traditional offering.

Snake Park Fee for Adults : 10/- Rs

Fee for kids : 5/- Rs

Camera : 25/- Rs

Getting There

By air:Karipur International airport which is 93 km away from Kannur.

By rail:The nearest railway station is Kannur railway station which is about 17km

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