thalassery fort

Thalassery fort is located in the heart of the Thalassery town at a distance of 22 kms from Kannur. It is a historical monument and constructed in AD 1708 by the British east India Company to establish a stronghold on Malabar Coast. In 1781 Hyder Ali, ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore was failed to capturing the fort in his campaign to control Malabar. The fort has square shaped structure built of large laterite stones. The entrance of the fort is decorated by magnificent mural paintings from the 18th century. It is distinguished by massive walls, secret tunnels to the sea, and high bastions. Today Thalassery fort is a protected monument under the Archaeological survey of India. There is information gallery inside the fort which exhibits pictures of burial caves, monuments and ancient paintings. There are underground caves and secret places inside the fort. The famous St. John’s Anglican Church is situated behind this fort.

Timings : Open from 8.00am to 6.00pm.

Getting there

By air: Mangalore at 140 kms away and Kozhikode 100kms away

By rail: Nearest railway station Thalassery railway station

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