Ashtamudi lake is located in Kollam district. It is the second largest wetland in Kerala. Kollam is situated on the banks of this beautiful and peaceful lake. It is one of the biggest backwaters of Kerala. Ashtamudi is so named because it is palm shaped extensive water body with eight prominent arms. The lake is divided into eight rivers and it is 55kms long. The picturesque view of Ashtamudi attracts many tourists to this place. The bank of lake is covered with coconut groves and palm trees. You can see the famous Chinese fishing net all along the banks. Ashtamudi lake is known in another name called “gateway to the backwaters of kerala”. The major attraction is house boat trip through this scenic lake, which gives great pleasure to the visitors. The boat cruise to the Munroe Islands gives an enthralling experience to visitors. The 8 hours boat ride from kollam to alappuzha through these backwaters is an unforgettable experience.


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