It is a small town situated in Kottayam. It is located about 10km south of Kottayam. Kallara is famous for the Sree Saradavilasini temple, Goddess Saraswathi is the reigning deity in the temple. Thousands of people from across all the religions throng this temple for the blessings and good fortune. It is widely believed that this temple was consecrated by Pancha Pandavar with the prime deity Krishna and that is the etymology of its name. Kallara has similar tropical climate as the rest of the state of Kerala. Humidity in these areas are very high. Agriculture is the main industry in Kallara. Acres of paddy fields are distributed throughout Kallara. The rubber latex industry is one of the prominent industries in the village. Tourism is also another growing industry. The extravagant back water areas are one of the most visited areas. Traditional cargo boats called kettuvalloms are modified into cruise boats and house boats often roam the backwaters giving tourists a view of Kallara's scenic beauty. Kallara has a very large variety of animals and plants. Many medicinal plants can be found throughout Kallara.

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