It is a most attractive and beautiful hill top destination spot which is located in Puthuppally Village 15km from Kottayam town. It can be easily accessed from Kottayam Kumili main road. Vennimala was a deep forest in ancient times. The primary attractions of Vennimala are Lord Sree Rama and Lekshmana temple which is situated about 2km south to the Vellor in Kottayam. The devotees believed that the Lord Sree Rama Lekshmana visit this hill side during their period of expatriation. During this period many sages contemplated in the caves of the Vennimala. In the old ages the place was called ‘Vijayadri’, which means the hill of victory. Every year the temple celebrates twenty eight days of annual festival. The empire of Kerala Cheraman Perumal built this ancient temple and dedicated to Lord Rama and Lekshmana. Vennimala is rich in lush green forest and rubber plantations. This hill is scattered with numerous big and small fresh water ponds. There is a dozen pond is remaining even today which have sparkling fresh water during the summer. There is a cave on the side of the hill is another major attractions of Vennimala.

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