Kottakunnu is very prominent for the ruins of an old fort. It is situated at the base of the cantonment hill. It is situated about 50km from Kozhikode The fort was built by Zamorins of Kozhikode. Nearby attractions are Vettakkorumakan temple and the Shiva temple. These temples are famous for housing the murals of the Malabar. Kotta Kunnu means fort-on- hill or hill which had a fort before or look like a fort. It is a historically significant place. It is distinguished as the death place of Variyan Kunnath Kunjahammad Haji. There used to be a well with a tunnel built within. The tunnel was used to connect another well in the nearby district head quarters. The main attractions of Kottakunnu is beautiful helipad is located nearby. Now Kottakunnu is planned to be transformed to an attractive park by District Tourism promotion Councils. There is an open air auditorium where you can conduct the beautiful functions. During the sunset the attraction of place is comes into its fullness.

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